Front porches used to be a must-have home feature a few decades ago. Now, seeing a property with a front porch is a perfect source for nostalgia. Millennials who are into contemporary designs might be fascinated by the traditional feel of a house owned usually by baby boomers.  You can even see them in movies. When you see this stand-out feature, you can surely tell that it is an American home.

Architectural trends come and go.  The front porch is back and even in an era where modern homes dominate the market, a home with a front porch is making its way to the real estate mainstream. As this feature makes a comeback, there are ways you can maximize it.

Improve your porch flooring

Is your porch dressed up with a concrete porch slab? You might want to kick the style up a notch by shopping for tile flooring. You can even use the same flooring material for your indoor space. Complementing the color of the wood can also make your porch more appealing to neighbors. If you want to hide some flaws, consider rearranging your furniture. Rugs are also a great addition, but be sure to choose materials that are not prone to mold and mildew.

Style it up with plants

A porch is a bit boring without plants and shrubs. This simple space can become inviting if you spruce it up with a mix of flowers and plants. You will be surprised by how plants can transform a simple space into a fabulous home feature with a friendly ambiance. Consider applying the 80/20 rule.

Choose a stylish front door

Your front door, even with the presence of your porch, remains noticeable to your guests. It is one of your home features that they usually notice first. If you have a drab-looking door, you need to give it a makeover. Paint it with high gloss paint. There are homeowners who are not afraid to experiment by splashing their door with a variety of colors. Maybe all the colors that make up a rainbow. However, do not limit yourself by only choosing happy and lighter hues. You can also experiment on darker colors. Some color suggestions you might want to consider are beige, gray or even black.

Install appropriate lighting

What good is a front porch without proper lighting? Your porch should be a space where you create an engaging and entertaining atmosphere. Without proper lighting, your home can be the next Monster House. Installing overhead lights, a lamp or a pendant lantern can provide a sense of serenity to passersby. Choose oversized pieces which are proportionate to your house. If safety and security are your concerns for installing lighting, you can purchase the ones that come with a motion detecting camera. This lighting technology has the ability to send live stream videos of intruders at your door. You can monitor activities on your smartphone via WiFi connection.

First impressions are said to be the most important. If the scene outside of your home’s front door looks welcoming, you are already giving your guests a preview of the better things to come once they step inside your home. Go ahead and explore your property’s livability by enhancing your front porches. After all, it is one feature that never goes out of style.