Whether you have just bought a new home or you want to embark on a remodeling project in an existing property, interior design will be vital to the process. Florida living has always been deemed relaxing. This is why designs that create a breezy atmosphere has won many nods. While interior design trends come and go, some designs are considered mainstays. No matter the season, these are the designs that continue to give your living space a cool and casual look. While there are tons of styles to consider, these timeless interior design themes will help you to come up with a beautiful final result.

1. Neutral Colors

It is fun to choose from a full selection of colors. Be it bright, dark, or neutral. However, when you are presented with an endless selection of beautifully blended colors, making up your mind can be quite a challenge. So why not go for neutral colors because they are versatile? Whether you want to spruce up your bathroom or living room, you can have a sophisticated vibe when you choose neutral colors. If you want more color, you can also add accent pillows, an area rug, or a throw. It is important that you stick to your color scheme and create endless design possibilities.

2. Geometric Patterns

If you want your home’s interior to have a youthful vibe, geometric patterns will make a statement. These patterns date back in the ’60s, and they have never gone out of style ever since. How can you make fun-loving geometric patterns stand out? Use them as wallpaper or occasion chairs. Regardless of your home’s theme and style, geometric patterns are here to stay.

3. Wall Mirrors

Another interior design trend that originated in the ’60s but is still making waves is the mirror on the wall. Mirrors create an illusion by opening up space in your home so that it will become bigger. A floor-length mirror can provide you the same illusion of bigger space. It is ideal for Florida homes which have garden views.

4. Metallic Accents

Anything that shines and sparkles can make your home classy, and this is the reason why metallic accents will never go out of style. If you want your home decor to be memorable, adding a little bit of glow and glitter is a great idea. You do not need to overdo it, though. Limit statement pieces to one or two. You can combine the silver sand finish with cherry veneers so you can achieve a contrasting appeal.

5. Floral Patterns

Floral patterns are a timeless interior design favorite. They became popular in the ’50s, but up until now, they continue to be an interior design staple. When it comes to adding florals to your interior, less is more. You can use them on lampshades and cushions so you can create a touch of whimsical decor into your home. Just make sure that you do not go over the top.

6. Tropical Touch

Florida decor will not be complete without adding tropical inspired furniture and patterns. Whether you choose soft, subtle, bold, or bright, you are sure to create an island vibe in your living room. While the appeal that tropical accents bring may be casual, they represent the Florida style. There are many ways you can add a tropical touch to your interior design, such as using curled fern wood.

These design trends may not be new, but they can still transform a dull and lifeless room into a vibrant space. Regardless of the trends you use, be sure to use these design sparingly so you can achieve a sophisticated and classy look.