Southwest Florida is one of the perfect bases for fulfilling your American dream, which is buying a house. This tourist magnet is not only home to beautiful beaches but also an ideal location for people searching for a property along the Gulf Coast of Florida. It is indeed exciting to flip through the pages of brochures and make a purchase of a property that suits your taste, lifestyle, and budget. However, when you have boundless options to explore, making the right choice can get complicated. For first-time homebuyers, the key to selecting your home sweet home is thorough research.

Essential information to keep in mind before buying a home

Experts often advise buyers to be knowledgeable about the process before committing to buying a home. The process should be enjoyable and exciting.

High Closing Cost State

Florida is not just an area worthy of exploration because it is also known as a high closing state. So if you are planning to buy a home in this area, be sure to know the actual cost of the new property. You will need to work with a listing agent who will represent your own interest and not of the seller’s. Regardless of the Southwest Florida real estate you purchase, it is essential that you also have a representation of your own.

Buying New Construction

Builders or developers will require you to make payments for the documentary stamp taxes, the policy of title insurance and other fees that purchasing a house entails. This does not include the closing costs yet, which, in most cases are negotiable. It is necessary that you have the ability to negotiate the fairest deal with the seller. In this case, coordinating with an agent who can assist you with the buying process is the way to go.

As a new home buyer, you should also be aware of the homebuying guidelines, since the process involves signing a contract. There are terms and conditions that can get you into trouble if you do not read them carefully. Some builders may entice you with the incentives that come with buying a home, but those cannot be used to threaten you. In fact, high-pressure tactics used by builders can be your reason for filing a complaint to proper authorities.

Communities that are deed restricted

If you are going to purchase a home in Southwest Florida, which is situated in a deed restricted community, do not be confused with the regulations. These types simply refer to communities that are ruled by the homeowner’s associations, thus, residents are mandated to complete the recorded documents that indicate how the property will be used. This is an essential requirement for those who intend to keep a pet, rent a second home or have a number of guests in your home. This type of community will require you to follow the rules and regulations set by the community. You will also have to pay for the fees for community maintenance.

Things To Look For In A Home

Garage and storage space

When looking for a home in Florida, you should also make sure that it has a garage. A home without a garage also has limited storage space. A popular trend in Southwest Florida are 3-car garages – they provide room for two cars and additional room for an extra car, boat, extra storage, or whatever hobby you’re into. Avoid single-car garages as they are not a great feature for resale. A garage is an important feature of a property because it protects your car from the harsh weather.


What is the purpose of buying a home in Southwest Florida if you are not going to enjoy the outdoors? A patio or sitting area should be part of your home because it is the area where you and your friends or family can relax. When you are doing your home search, choose a patio area where there is enough space for entertaining comfortably.


While hurricanes may be Florida’s frequent visitor, it is also blessed with sunshine and a home with a pool can beat the hot temperature. If the property does not have a pool, there are two options for you to consider. Put in your own pool by taking out a home equity line of credit (HELOC) or look for a property with a community pool.


Florida homes have lots of windows and you need to install blinds to maintain your privacy. If blinds are already installed, you can save money on installing blinds on each window. The blinds used in these homes are different from the usual blinds as they intend to block sunlight due to the scorching temperature. Certain types of blinds can be expensive, so chancing upon a Florida home with high-end blinds installed is a bonus.

Hurricane Shutters

This feature may not be essential until you need them most. You need to be prepared for a hurricane when you are living in Florida. If you choose traditional hurricane shutters, you need to prepare your manpower during the installation process, especially if your home has the second floor. Go for accordion style shutters so you can save both time and money when a storm approaches.

Knowing what to look for in Florida homes will help you to make an informed buying decision. Take your time so you can get your dream home for a reasonable price.