A new home build is a very exciting project!  But let’s be honest, these projects don’t always go as planned. How can you build a home that will give you comfort and happiness to last a lifetime, while avoiding the unfortunate events?  Consider these new home building Dos and Don’ts.


The Don’ts:

 1) Don’t underestimate the value of experts.  Many homeowners attempt to cut corners and save money by avoiding expert advice and employing them to do some or even all of the work.  There is only so much you can do yourself, and you are not as likely to spot critical mistakes as an expert is.  High-quality experts will save you time and money.  Make sure to thoroughly do a background check on the experts you hire as well.  Ensure they have the proper license, customer feedback, and other critical areas. Here is a list of questions to ask your home builder to ensure you are getting the right information. 


 2) With that being said, make sure you are still a part of the home building project.  Communication is essential, you should never  assume that everyone fully understands what you want in every stage of the home building process.  Good communication goes both ways, it is important to  ask if you do not understand a concept  about the plan before it begins to be implemented.  At Carney we pride ourselves in customer communication and use a communication software tool that shows our entire team and home owners every step of the project with daily updates and pictures so you are always aware of what’s happening.


 3) Do not be afraid to ask for customization.  A good home builder will be adept at creating an individualized plan based on your family’s needs and desires.  


 4) Make sure you are considering all the needs of you and your family before considering the wants. You want to ensure your new home build has all the essential elements your family will need. Build to provide comfort for the life you have, while considering how that life may change or grow in the future.


Building a new house can become overwhelming very quickly.  But it can also be an exciting, creative process that gives you and your family a lifetime of happiness in your custom, dream home. 


The Dos:

 1) Make sure to go at your own pace. If you skip a step, you will end up paying for it later down the line.


 2) Unexpected things can always arise during the home building process. It is important to stay flexible throughout the process for this reason. These unexpected occurrences may require an adjustment to the home building project, so remaining flexible with good listening will ensure you get the quality product you are expecting. 


 3) Look at other homes for and make note of their design and features. Look at homes that are for sale so you can do a physical tour to really capture any design features you may want to include in your new build home.  Look at all the floor plans.  Even though you may think you are settled on a particular style or design, there are endless possibilities for floor plans and housing models, and you might discover something new that is more to your liking. 


 4) Always be aware of your needs. Keep in mind your budget, desired timeline, your goals, etc.  Don’t let someone else’s suggestions dictate what you and your family need in your new build  home. 


How to choose a high-quality, affordable home model?  There are three tips to achieving the goals of your new home build:

  • Choose an efficient and functioning floor plan.
  • Know when to spend money and when to save it.
  • Always keep the future in mind.


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