Carney Quality Construction prides itself in producing the finest homes available at any price. However, we realize you may have several questions regarding our process. So here is a list of frequently asked questions to help answer some of the questions you may have about new home building and construction.


Question: Will the lot I am looking at work for a new construction home?

  1. We will visit your lot and evaluate the lot for you to help determine any issues or costs associated with the purchase of the lot before you close on the purchase.


Question: Can I make changes to the Carney floor plans?

  1. Yes. You can make changes to our plans. We suggest you make these with the help of our sales person in order to ensure that the home fits on the lot and meets code requirements.


Question: How many changes can I make after we have plans from the architect?

  1. We like to keep the changes to one, but we are flexible and can make additional adjustments if needed. Additional changes increase the costs and also delays the process. At the same time, Carney prides itself with being a company that has more flexibility with the building process than any other company. Once we go into permitting, changes become more difficult if they can be made at all, and also more costly.


Question: Can I do any of the work myself?

  1. No. You will need to use our approved suppliers and vendors to select all items for the house. We will work with you to help in this process and much of the process can be completed in line with our people. We use high quality suppliers and there are warranties that come with these items that will benefit you.


Question: Can I pick my flooring, counter tops, paint colors, etc.?

  1. Yes. You will have the opportunity to pick everything for your home with the help of our people through the selection process. The selection process takes place in several steps in order for Carney to order the items as the lead times dictate.


Question: Is there anything that the house does not come with?

  1. We do not supply a mailbox. Other than this you should be ready to move in and start enjoying the Florida life in a very high quality Carney home. 


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