If you are planning on moving out of state, you are part of a growing trend. Those seeking homes that are affordable, in a warm part of the country, and where there is plenty of work are on the move – across state boundaries. According to a recent analysis from Realtor.com, the Cape Coral-Fort Myers, FL metro area is one of the top markets that received the greatest share of their home shopping interest from out-of-state shoppers.

There are many reasons for the high levels of interest in this area. Baby boomers play a big role, for one. Boomers like the appeal of a more easy-going community with a vacation feel for retirement or second homes. In fact, second homes account for 17 percent of all sales in Cape Coral. Strong employment, affordability, and low taxes also make the Cape Coral market very appealing. Families can still pursue the American Dream because houses are reasonably priced, taxes are very low, and the market is poised for future growth.

Use the following tips and find your dream home in the Cape. You will get the value you need, and the property you’ve always wanted. Continue reading to learn what to do next as you shop for an out-of-state home.

Research Real Estate Agents

You should look for real estate agents in the area who can help you find the right house, get a good price, and close the deal easily. You should look at reviews of real estate agents, and you should make sure that you have found an agent who is universally loved by their customers, who has a thriving business, and who you feel comfortable working with. You can check their license status online, and you may prefer to work with someone who is a member of the National Association of Realtors.

Look For Homes

You have hired a real estate agent who will look for homes, but you can look for homes on your own. If you have some time, you can research the city where you want to move. You can even travel to that city if you have time. You may be in that city on business, or you might visit family in the area.

You could ask someone else to visit the homes your agent found as a proxy, or you can watch the virtual tours online. You have every right to look for homes online, share them with your agent, and narrow down your choices.

Ask Your Agent To Negotiate Based On Your Budget

Once you’ve found a house that you want, ask your agent to negotiate a price for the home based on your budget. You might submit offers on a few houses hoping to find a seller who is willing to work with you. You can ask the agent to look for the best deals, and you can come up with a plan that allows you to save money on the house.

Make Sure You Have Good Financing

You should find a financing company that operates in your new home state. Most real estate agents can refer you to a mortgage broker, and the broker will ensure that you get the best possible. You are much better off using an independent broker who can give the best price for the loan instead of forcing you to take the loan package that the bank offers.

You can search for financing if you like, but you should make sure that the financing company you use can work with you in the state where you plan to live. You might also ask your agent if they are aware of any specials that might be available because of the status of the house.


When you are shopping for a home out of state, you can use these tips to ensure that you get the best deal on the house, find a nice place to live, and get the financing you need. Work with an agent who is licensed and knows the area. Find a local mortgage broker who can work with you on the deal. When you work with the right team, you’ll pay a good price, and avoid going back and forth too much.