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From humble beginnings, John Carney formed the essence of what has grown to become the Carney Family of Companies. In 1999, he began working with a nonprofit group to provide home ownership opportunities to those who would not otherwise qualify for a traditional mortgage. From the start, John and the firm wanted people to have great homes at affordable prices. When national funding for this program ran out, John leveraged the relationships he had built and entered the real estate investment business with the same mission in mind; give people quality homes that they can afford and benefit the community, in the process.

John’s unrivaled attention to detail and uncompromising devotion to quality became the foundation of all Carney Company cultures. “Make it perfect” is perhaps the most commonly heard phrase in our hallways today. Having purchased, renovated, and sold over 3300 homes to our valued customers, John and the team are constantly working to improve upon the benchmark for perfection.

Today, the Carney Family of Companies includes Carney Homes, Inc. (Homes & Investments), Carney Realty & Associates, Inc. (Full Service Brokerage), Carney Quality Construction (in house construction services) and our proprietary auction software system.

Vision & Mission


Our vision transcends the conventional approach to real estate services and home renovation. With a wealth of experience gained from over 3,000 homes, we recognize that the essence of buying and selling homes extends far beyond acquiring distressed properties and conducting minor renovations for swift resale. Our loyal following of buyers, vendors, and agents attests to the enduring success of a business model centered on meticulous attention to every detail and the delivery of a superior product, irrespective of cost or margin. By prioritizing excellence in our work and fostering enduring pride in our endeavors, we envision a lasting impact that not only benefits our company but also extends to the well-being of families and the broader community we serve.


At our core, our mission is to craft the epitome of quality in every home and investment property we create, setting a standard that transcends price. Committed to excellence, we strive to deliver not just residences, but lifestyle sanctuaries and lucrative investment opportunities that stand as a testament to superior craftsmanship and uncompromising value. Our dedication to producing the finest homes transcends monetary constraints, ensuring that each property we present reflects our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.


All of our work must benefit and never harm:

Reviews From Clients

Explore the firsthand experiences of our valued clients by delving into our Customer Testimonials. Gain insight into the exceptional journey of those who have entrusted us with the creation of their new construction homes. From the initial vision to the final keys, our testimonials provide a glimpse into the satisfaction and joy our clients have experienced throughout the home-building process.

Krueger Smith


John, Finally grilled yesterday for the first time in my new outdoor kitchen!!  Looks great and we are very happy!  Thx for your help. I truly appreciate it.  Scott did a great job!!

Krueger Smith


John, Finally grilled yesterday for the first time in my new outdoor kitchen!!  Looks great and we are very happy!  Thx for your help. I truly appreciate it.  Scott did a great job!!

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