5 Steps to Building a New Home: Checklist

A detailed plan is essential for getting started with your new build home in Cape Coral. From securing your land to creating your floor plan, to financing, and the actual home building process, this checklist will guide you through a few essential steps. 


1.    Establish Your New Home Budget

It is a good idea to develop a rough budget before beginning any planning. It is possible for new home construction to cost as much as $200 per square foot. Aside from design costs, engineering costs, permitting costs, and contractor costs should be considered as well. It is also necessary to consider taxes and fees. Building a new custom house does not include decorating and furnishing costs. This list of expenses will add up quickly, so you should review and inspect your budget carefully before moving forward.


2.    Seek Financing For Your New Construction Home

External financing is likely to be necessary. You can borrow from your bank, apply for a line of credit, or use your credit card to pay some of the fees. Before applying for a loan, make sure you explore different options. The right financing option depends on your financial situation and budget. 


3.    Secure Your Land

Finding the ideal location is the fourth item on your checklist for building a new custom home. Remember that it could take a while to complete this process. The ideal lot for your dream house depends on a number of elements, such as: 

  • The proximity of the residences next door 
  • local housing values 
  • Land prices 

At this point, consulting an architect is worthwhile. To ascertain whether the property is suitable for new development, they will be able to conduct a site visit in addition to suggesting suitable consultants, such as a land surveyor or soil engineer, as necessary.


4.    Design your New Construction Home

You must develop your blueprints before amassing any resources or employing contractors. Consider your desires and requirements. Dream big, then set limits. Make a note of the characteristics and spaces that are most essential to you. Sort them according to importance. 

It’s time to consider the size once you’ve decided what you want from your new home. Here are some questions you should ask yourself:


  • Your new home will have how many stories? 
  • What size restrictions are there in the zoning law and/or neighborhood overlay code? 
  • Which rooms in your new home are a “must-have”? 
  • Do you require space for your leisure activities? 
  • How will all of your rooms fit together? 
  • Will you have enough room for your future plans, such as having children?


5.    Hire a New Home Builder

An architect is hired to review your plans, a general contractor actually builds what is shown in the drawings. As a new home builder, we take care of everything for you. We keep an eye on the entire build and remain present at all times to watch it while you’re not there. 


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