If there’s something that Southwest Florida is known for, it’s Fort Myers, Naples, and Sanibel Island. However, aside from the sea, sand, and sights, Southwest Florida is also a perfect base for retirement. Cape Coral is one of the excellent destinations for building your retirement home. Aside from the nearby beaches, golf courses are also popular in this area.

How Cape Coral grew in popularity

If you were to compare the history of Cape Coral to other cities, it’s relatively short. In 1957, the area was bought by brothers Jack and Leonard Rosen. The community was built with the blessing of Lee County officials. This community was called Redfish Point. In the 1960s, the area continued to grow in popularity and the Redfish Point was dubbed as “the Cape,” which became Cape Coral later on. The place continues to be popular among tourists and locals alike. This is why Forbes Magazine has named it to be one of the best places to retire in 2016.

The Cape Coral Lifestyle

Although not as well known as its neighboring cities, Cape Coral is recognized for its very relaxed lifestyle. The area offers you an awesome selection of parks situated in great places. The Yacht Club Community Park, for instance, can be found by the Caloosahatchee River, a spot ideal for boating. Even if you’re not a boat enthusiast, this spot is also suitable for fishing, and a community pool where you can take a dip. If you prefer to play golf, Coral Oaks Golf Course is a perfect place for you to relax with 8 lakes and 37 bunkers.

Short History, Rich Culture

Despite the short history of Cape Coral, it has an impressive culture which is evident in its museum and art studio. The Cape Coral Historical Museum documents the history of the city and boasts a must-see rose garden which is perfect for flower-lovers. You can also visit the Southwest Florida Military Museum & Library or Cape Coral Arts Studio in this area.

Things to do in Cape Coral


Geographically, Cape Coral is considered as one of the largest cities in Florida. The area has a lot to offer to shoppers, most of which you can find in Cape Harbor. You can also visit the boutique stores like Sunken Treasures, Blue Moon Antiques, Beaded Envisions, and True Lyes. You can find the farmer’s market in Cape Coral located in club Square. It is available every Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm featuring various types of local vendors.


If you want to sample the mouth-watering dishes in Cape Coral, The Twisted Lobster, Point 57 and Fish Tale Grill by Merrick Seafood are the perfect venues. For those who prefer a bite on the go, there are also other options to explore like the Beach Brothers BBQ and The Beef Guy. They serve delicious meals that will keep you satisfied without breaking your budget.

Cape Coral is a retirement destination that offers plenty of parks, golf courses, dining options, and a rich culture. With its relaxed atmosphere, you’ll enjoy what this area has in store for you. It provides a calmer alternative without breaking the bank.