What to Consider When Choosing One of the Best Home Builders in Florida

Florida certainly has its perks. It has long been a destination for retirees and vacationers, but it’s also become a haven for small businesses and folks who just want to bask in the sun in an affordable state. While many folks may decide to buy a home in the Sunshine State, plenty are looking to build. And for those folks, only the best home builders in Florida should win their business.

This guide will explain everything that new-construction home shoppers—whether those who are just moving into the state or long-time residents looking for new digs—will want to consider when choosing a contractor in Florida. It will also highlight some of the top pros in the Florida home-building industry.

Whether they’ve built before or are new to new construction, there’s a lot for homeowners to know about selecting a builder. The following are some of the most important considerations to consider when comparing companies.

New Home Builders Cape Coral FL
New Home Builders Cape Coral FL

Below are the top things that Bob Vila (www.bobvila.com) has listed on his guide:

Top Things to Consider When Choosing One of the Best Home Builders in Florida

Service Area

In the typical sense, a service area is usually a radius circling a company’s shop. For example, some home builders will only build homes within 50 or 75 miles of their showroom or workshop. Shoppers who find a company that catches their interest will want to check its service area to see if it overlaps with their property or where they’d like to live.

However, Florida is also a state full of developments and planned communities. In many cases, custom home builders in Florida will only work in specific communities. Conversely, some communities may only allow two or three specific contractors to build. When this is the case, shoppers will want to make sure they dig into what’s available to find a builder that can help them.

Price Range

Most home builders specialize in a price range, whether they claim it or not. For example, custom home builders might rarely build homes for less than $1 million. However, home builders in developed communities might only build homes in the $250,000 to $350,000 range because those are costs associated with the approved designs for that area. Many contractors have examples on their websites with pricing, especially those working in these communities. This should help point shoppers in the right direction.

Shoppers will want to consider their budgets and how much home they need before finding a builder. This way, they’re sure to be able to afford the home they’re building before putting any money down or even starting the design process.

Architectural Style

One of the most exciting aspects of Florida construction is the plethora of architectural design styles influenced by the rich cultures in the area. One walk through a high-end neighborhood in Florida could be a crash course in architecture. The arrays of balconies, terra-cotta roofs, stonework, and stucco highlight the varieties and options available in a coastal state like Florida. There are even tiny-home builders in Florida creating compact, energy-efficient homes and container home builders in Florida making homes from recycled shipping containers.

Shoppers will want to consider their options, as many design-and-build firms specialize in particular styles. They’ll have choices such as Mediterranean, traditional, modern, farmhouse, Victorian, coastal, Key West, and Spanish architectural styles. Some areas might have regulations on the styles of homes that can be built in a neighborhood, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Custom vs. Production Homes

Weighing the pros and cons between custom and production homes is an important aspect of home-builder shopping. Many contractors specialize in one option or the other.

The best custom home builders are typically design-and-build firms, and their homes are entirely unique. The designer works with the home buyer to develop a design and blueprint that works for their needs, and then the builder works from these plans. The options are endless at this point, but custom homes are usually more expensive on a square-foot basis and take longer to construct.

Production homes work the opposite way. The homeowner usually chooses a floor plan they like, makes some modifications with the contractors, and the contractor builds the house. These homes are much faster to build and generally cost less, but they’re much less customized to the homeowner’s needs.

Energy Efficiency

If there’s one truth about Florida, it’s that the state tends to get a little hot. It consistently ranks as the hottest state in terms of average daily high temperature. It’s also humid, so air- conditioning systems can run in the Sunshine State 10 months a year. For this reason, it’s important to find an energy-efficient home.

How does one know if their contractor builds with efficiency in mind? There are multiple agencies and programs, such as the U.S. Green Building Council, the HERS Index, and Energy Star Residential New Construction Program, that can serve as clues. Membership, partnership, or recognition from these agencies certifies a firm is building energy-efficient homes that will save owners money and rely on more sustainable energy sources, such as heat pumps and thermal heat sources.


Home buyers need warranties on new homes. Things happen, such as material defects or craftsmanship issues. The state of Florida knows this, so it requires its contractors to provide a 10-year structural warranty and a 1-year warranty on labor, materials, and mechanical systems. Some contractors, however, go above and beyond and offer longer warranties on craftsmanship (though appliances and materials fall under manufacturer warranties).


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Choosing the right new home builder for your new construction home in Cape Coral or Fort Myers, Florida is a crucial decision.

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