If you’ve decided to put your home up for sale, then you are probably hoping that it sells fast and you get the most money out of it that you can. There are many factors that play into how fast a home sells, including the local market (i.e., if there’s a high demand for houses) and the features your home has. Below are some of the features that have been found to sell homes faster and for a higher amount of money.

Home Features That Sell

Smart Sprinkler System

The one feature that helped homes sell days faster than their competition was a smart sprinkler system. What sets this system apart is the fact that it can be controlled by your smartphone and an app. Since this allows people to set up a watering schedule or turn their sprinklers on and off with the touch of the button, it is appealing to many buyers.

If your home already has a sprinkler system in place, it won’t take much to upgrade it to a smart system. This investment could be worth it to sell your home as fast as possible and get as much out of it as you can.

Easy to Care For Landscaping

Another feature associated with your property that can help sell your home faster includes having landscaping that is easy to care for. This can help save people money on utility bills and also reduce the amount of time they need to spend in their yard to make it look nice.

Since people’s lives can get incredibly busy and hectic, being able to reduce the amount of work they have to do as much as possible is appealing. Having native landscaping ensures that people won’t have to put in as much time and effort to keep their property looking good.

Modern Farmhouse Elements

Having some rustic-chic home design elements in your home, giving you the ability to classify your home as a “modern farmhouse,” could also help you sell your home faster. Due to the abundance and popularity of many TV shows, this design element has been cropping up in homes across the nation.

A modern farmhouse combines the sleek lines of contemporary design with a cozy farmhouse aesthetic. It creates a unique, fresh take on country living. These houses are appreciated for being welcoming and comfortable, as well as simple. A modern farmhouse combines natural textures and materials, such as wood or galvanized steel, as well as includes neutral colors.

Mid-Century Home

If you have a mid-century home or features within your dwelling, this could also help you sell your home faster. Again, this style was inspired by various TV shows, and many younger buyers want what a mid-century home can offer.

What sets these homes apart from others is the fact that they are usually single-story homes that have an open-concept layout and lots of windows on the sides and back of the house. They create a unique relationship with the outdoors that people find appealing. With open-concept flooring, they also feel larger and more welcoming.

Waterfall Countertop

If your home has a waterfall countertop, this feature could also help you sell it faster. This design creates a continuous look within your kitchen that connects the island with the floor. It’s a modern feature that adds something unique and sophisticated to the kitchen space.

Exposed Brick

Having exposed brick in your home could also be a feature that buyers find intriguing. A brick wall on the interior of a home gives the space some character and conveys a feeling of warmth. It also adds some texture to an area that would otherwise be large and blank.

Don’t Be Shy About Sharing

If your home has any of these features, then it’s in your best interest to share that in the listing. This could be just what you need to get buyers excited and interested to tour your home—it could also help sell it faster and for a good chunk of money.

It’s also important to realize that even though homes with these features have sold quickly in the past, that doesn’t mean the trend will continue. What buyers are looking for in a home can change quickly, and every person is different and has specific wants and needs. The features that help sell a home will also depend on your local market.

Some of the things you should be doing to help your house sell whether it has these features or not include keeping it clean so that it sparkles, ensuring the landscaping looks good and ensuring that it’s priced just right. No matter what type of home you have, these are features that buyers are always looking for and will have an impact on how quickly you sell your home.