If you have a waterfront home, it’s important you weatherproof it to prevent costly damages. While properties with close proximity to bodies of water are considered appealing, there are some disadvantages. One of which is the materials exposed to water bodies can cause property to deteriorate over time. Fortunately, there are features of your home that you can consider as assets as they may protect your waterfront home from certain damages caused by changing weather conditions.

Doors and windows

A home that is situated near a body of water needs to have windows and doors that are impact-resistant. Florida is prone to hurricanes and experts recommend homeowners to have houses built on durable and sturdier materials. Houses with impact-resistant doors and windows can withstand shatter and debris. These materials often have heavy-duty framing for walls, doors or windows.

The windows and doors are made from layered laminated glass sheets. It has an inner shatter-proof membrane between the glass sheets that ensures that both pieces remain intact, despite the significant impact that it receives. The membrane is responsible for holding the pieces firmly to ensure that the barrier will not get damaged.

Even the windows are designed specifically to handle the repeated impact of debris at high wind speeds. The thickness of its interior lamination may vary. Some are .015 inches thick while others are .090 inches. You can also add an inner film to reduce UV damage or sun fading.


Waterfront homes need a roofing system made of metal. This material is highly recommended especially if your home is near the coast because it is designed to resist weathering. If you have proper insulation, metal roofing is also energy efficient. Some of the commonly used metal roofings you can consider are copper, aluminium, galvanized steel, and tin.

These recommended materials can protect your waterfront home as they are known for their weatherproofing qualities. Aside from being durable, they are also visually appealing as long as you choose the right incorporation and design. You do not have to fear the damage caused by bodies of water if you know how these features can help you weatherproof your property. Contact a property specialist so you know how you can effectively weatherproof your waterfront property.