Are you looking for the next place to call your home?

Choosing to relocate as a serious decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Whether you’re leaving town for work or lifestyle reasons, it’s important to move to a place that can offer you everything you need.

When it comes to amazing relocation destinations, you should check out Fort Myers, Florida.

Read on for more insight into what living in Fort Myers is like, and why you should head there this year!

1. Enjoy a Low Cost of Living

Finances are always at the top of the list when it comes to deciding on places to relocate.

Most people choose to move to a location that has a cost of living within their budget. They also prioritize job opportunities, housing affordability, and more.

Living in Fort Myers can be easy on your wallet. This city has a moderately low cost of living that falls below the United States’ national average!

Housing costs are a leading factor in this qualification – 16% below the national average. The overall cost of living is 4% below the national average and 17% below Miami, for example.

This means that Fort Myers is ideal for a lot of families and individuals of different economic backgrounds.

If you’re seeking a destination that is kinder to your bank account and rated as one of the top places to retire, put Fort Myers at the top of your list.

2. Get Access to the Full Scope of Beach Life

If you’re tired of traveling on vacation to get to a beach, consider moving to Fort Myers.

Living in Fort Myers means living the beach life at all times and in all respects!

You can access highly-rated Florida beaches by just driving an hour or less outside of Fort Myers. You can also enjoy amazing coastline closer to home.

Residents also enjoy boating, relaxing on the beach, fishing, and more. If you’re craving beach life as a part of your actual life, look no further than this lovely Florida town.

3. Choose from a World of Activities

If you love the beach but want even more outdoors, don’t fear. Florida isn’t just about sand and sparkling waves.

Activity-hungry residents can go hiking or explore in Koreshan State Park outside of Fort Myers. Others regularly go boating, kayaking, or jet skiing.

Sports fans will love cheering on the local ice hockey team at Germain Arena, or the Boston Red Sox at JetBlue Park.

If you’re into golf, you’ll be eager to hear that the Fort Myers area offers over fifty golf courses to enjoy!

Plus, you’ll enjoy agreeable weather during all seasons in which to pursue outdoor sports.

4. Be Part of Fort Myers’ Transformation

Lastly, Fort Myers is at an interesting point in its development. Its cost of living is still low, but it’s definitely up and coming when it comes to Florida towns.

You’ll feel like you’re participating in this locale’s transformation as it continues to draw young professionals, local artisans, and fascinating new cuisine.

You will also enjoy the rise of modern architecture, downtown parks, and more.

What’s more, relocating to Fort Myers now could never be more opportune. It won’t always be at this amazing stage of new beginnings!

Living in Fort Myers

Fort Myers offers residents all of the best and more. Families and individuals can take advantage of a low cost of living, sizable growth, and hosts of activities.

What’s more, the seasons are mild, and the beach is always there. What’s not to love?

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