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St. James City is a suburban community located in Lee County, Florida. It is situated at the southern end of Pine Island, and nearby towns include Sanibel, Pine Island Center, Punta Rassa and Matlacha. The dazzling view of Sanibel Island and the Sanibel Causeway can be seen clearly by many residents in St. James.

This charming city is well known for its prominent dining scene. It’s quite the popular hangout for residents after a hard day’s work. Of note are its seafood cuisine and pubs, drawing many to its exquisite delights during the evenings.

It might not have large beaches, but St. James City makes up by being surrounded by nature. Several nature preserves in the area are dedicated to maintaining the unique flora and fauna of St. James City. Many homeowners who now live in St. James love living at the heart of the forest and preserving the beauty of their shores. It’s no secret that many are attracted to its idyllic atmosphere where they can live in hand with nature, while enjoying various fishing and boating activities.

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