Purchasing court auction real estate in Florida is not a difficult process when you have a leader in the industry helping you along the way, especially if you have not had any experience in this type of transaction. Each state has its own guidelines to follow, so even if you are familiar with court auction real estate buying in a different state, there could be obstacles that could get in your way that would normally be avoided with the aid of a company accustomed to the rules and regulations involved.

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Stop chasing REO’s and Short Sales for months with unresponsive agents and seemingly endless closing delays when you do finally get a contract accepted. Auctions provide for an immediate purchase result so you can move forward with the property after a successful bid.

As the market leader for Southwest Florida foreclosures, John Carney and his team at Carney have mastered this process and saved over 1,300 home purchasers thousands of dollars off of retail pricing (an impressive total of over $30,000,000 in savings!).

To get started, you need to become familiar with the entire Southwest Florida foreclosure process. View the Process to obtain the critical information needed and also use the area’s most powerful learning center that we've created for you to learn more about the details of buying property at auction as well as the real estate market in SWFL.