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Land prices have hit historic lows with pricing not seen since the early 1980’s. We strongly believe that Land represents one of the greatest potential appreciation plays available for the savvy investor. Carney is proud to have helped investors aggregate over 3,500 lots in the past 18 months and we are still encouraging all interested parties to buy in now before recent appreciation reduces the potential for gains.

We specialize in expedient aggregation at below current retail prices so that our clients are buying into an equity positive position.

If you would like to purchase lots or acreage at wholesale prices, please call (239) 443-5809.

A house is simply a building whereas a home is the place where you live and feel that you belong to. At Carney Properties & Investment Group, we are quite sure that you want your place to be a home instead of just being a house. A perfect home in SW Florida awaits your family!

Don't worry if your kids or significant other are beach lovers! You might want to check our Southwest Florida real estate properties which are located near bodies of water. South Florida will surely be loved by your family.

We at Carney Properties & Investment Group want to provide your family the perfect home. We can help you find the ideal SW Florida home according to your own criteria. Whether it’s the view, home type, city or price range, we can find it for you.

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