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Sarasota is a major incorporated city that holds the county seat of Sarasota County, Florida. To the south of Sarasota is Fort Myers and to the north is Tampa Bay. The nearby islands, or the “keys” more commonly known as, separate Sarasota Bay from the gulf near the city. Lido Key and Siesta Key are widely known for their exquisite beaches.
Many residents who reside in this beautiful piece of Florida gulf coast real estate call Sarasota paradise. Locals and tourists alike enjoy the subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters making Sarasota a popular vacation destination.
"Where Urban Amenities Meet Small-Town Living"
Sarasota is famous for its many amenities and activities available in the area. The waters are rife with aquatic life, attracting fishing enthusiasts, snorkelers and scuba divers. Sailing is a popular activity in the city thanks to the Sarasota Sailing Squadron who host several sport boating events for different vessels.
Like many places in Florida, golfing has attracts a huge following in Sarasota. Exquisite golf courses adorn the area, and golfers are perfectly happy to take on all the challenges that these courses offer.
If you are planning a visit to Southwest Florida, Sarasota should definitely be on your list of places to explore!

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