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Welcome to our Carney Properties’ Multiple Listing Service (MLS). On this page, you will be able to look through all Carney Realty Featured Listings available within the local Southwest Florida.

Use the Refine Search function at the top of the page to narrow down the specific size home, location, etc.  Filter the results by specifying the location, the view that you want, home type, city, price range, available bedrooms or bathrooms and zip code. You may also choose one or more communities / subdivisions from using the list and by holding the Ctrl Key to select more than one.

If a home fits the criteria, they will be displayed above once you've clicked on the Search Button. The first List of homes you will see are the Carney Realty Featured Listings, our list of recommended homes in the area. Otherwise, you can view ALL MLS Listings within your Search Criteria Clicking on the Grid View Tab or Map View Tab.

Grid View displays all of the Active Listings within the MLS that fit the Search Criteria that you've chosen above as well as the Address, Price, Beds and Baths and when you click on the picture additional Property Information and MLS ID number are displayed.

Map view displays the home’s location in Google Maps while also listing its address, price and available beds and baths.

We hope that you can find the home that you’re looking for by using our system. We also have our own Southwest Florida Real Estate for sale in the homes section (Main Navigation). For any further inquiries, please contact us through email or phone at (239) 677-3064.

Carney Vacant Land

Carney Properties and Investment Group currently has access to over 4,000 vacant lots and acreage, more than any other builder or investor in the area. If you’d like to purchase vacant property call (239) 443-5809 for immediate assistance.

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