Where To Find The Best Real Estate Deals In FL.

There is no doubt that the housing market currently offers some of the most amazing opportunities in investment properties that we have ever seen, but with so many different sources claiming to have great prices on homes how do you know where to turn or who to believe?

It is great to see that despite the recent downturn in the real estate industry that many real estate agents and investors are jumping back into the market. However, this unfortunately also means that many companies and individuals promoting investment property in FL and around the country are doing nothing more than getting involved in long chains that add thousands of dollars to the prices of these properties. So what ends up happening in these cases is instead of getting your hands on an investment property for 40-60 cents on the dollar, people end up with run down and stripped out homes for 65-90 cents on the dollar with very little room for potential profit.

In contrast, those who have cash to invest in Southwest Florida real estate will find that buying direct from foreclosure auctions offer the best possible investment property deals. This means being able to get your hands on Florida homes at truly rock bottom prices with plenty of room to either flip them to other investors who specialize in rehabbing or hold onto them do repairs themselves and rent them for incredible levels of cash flow.

Unfortunately, it is true that most auctions in FL and across the US are very difficult to navigate as a new investor. Either the area normally has veteran auction buyers who dominate local auctions or you could find that without experience you get stuck with substandard properties that you are unable to resell, turning your investment property dreams into nightmares. Fortunately, Carney Properties & Investment Group have honed their skills at buying investment properties at auction for over a decade and are still willing to work with other real estate investors to enable them to get in on the action and get access to the best investment property deals.
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