What to Expect from Cape Coral Real Estate Listings

Homebuyers on the lookout for great properties are in for good buys at the array of properties that they can choose from house listings in Cape Coral. Cape Coral is known for its access to water with 400 miles of canals and the Gulf of Mexico. Its location is prime real estate bliss, this is why it has been described as “gateway to paradise” and “the cape” as it is situated on a  huge peninsula in Florida. It is surrounded by Sanibel and Captiva islands where the beaches boasts of white sand and fishing villages of Matlacha, Fort Myers and Pine Island. It is also because of its proximity to water that it is America’s answer to “Venice.” Boaters in Cape Coral have access to Gulf of Mexico’s waters from a nearby canal. Cape Coral Real Estate Listings will also direct you to the communities that have sprouted in this place. Most people who come here are young people starting families or senior citizens settling down to retire. But people not only opt for Cape Coral for permanent residency, citizens and tourists also invest in the place for vacations homes and other property rentals. All options have nonetheless the same bottom line – Cape Coral’s relaxed and peaceful atmosphere that is conducive to family life.

Cape Coral Real Estate Listings also give you access to quality houses that are also friendly to your budget. Other advantages that the Cape Coral location brings are: its lowest crime rates, no taxes for personal income, no taxes for public service, all year sunshine, an average of 74 degrees temperature and one of the safest cities in Florida. Living in this community will also give opportunities to pursue hobbies and sports activities connected to water like boating, fishing and more. Because of its uniqueness, Cape Coral’s prime movers have also invested on the city’s canal system with a major development project that will span for 10 years. This is a major boost for real estate buyers in the city who will benefit from its major enhancements. Dwellers can look forward to strolling or jogging on walkways lining the canals and a Mediterranean façade to major establishments like affordable luxury condominium buildings. Properties in these listings include waterfront homes, condominium units, townhomes, luxury waterfront properties, properties in gated communities and gulf communities. Vacant lots are also available. Prices ranges from under 100 thousand dollars to over a million dollars.
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