What Should My Florida Real Estate Agent Do For Me?

Many people are still confused about just exactly what a Southwest Florida real estate agent should be doing for them as a home buyer or seller. More importantly, what signs should you be looking for that tell you if they are really acting in your best interest?

As a buyer, your Florida real estate agent owes you the duty of doing their utmost to help you find the perfect home, disclose any relationships that they have that may be perceived as potentially causing a conflict of interest and helping guide you throughout the entire process. A reputable buyer’s agent will be more than happy to answer all of your questions fully and should be showing you the broadest selections of homes possible. This means not just showing you their own listings in hope of double dipping on commissions, but showing you all the FL homes for sale that are available that meet your specifications. A good Florida real estate agent is one that is willing to battle for what is best for you and is not afraid to negotiate your requests. Those agents that have built great relationships in their communities are those that put their buyer’s wallets ahead of their own and show a vested interest in helping you to get a great deal, not making you their next great deal.

The buyer’s agent is ethically and legally bound to disclose any relationships they have with the seller. For example, if your real estate agent works for CarneyRealty and is selling you a CarneyHome that is owned by an affiliate company they must disclose that they are related. This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with this, but they must disclose it. If the related company has the best FL homes for sale then don’t let this put you off, but they should still show you everything else on the market that fits your needs and wants.

Real estate agents are also a great source of referrals for all the other services and professionals you need when shopping FL homes for sale. This includes everything from appraisers to home inspectors, title companies and mortgage brokers. Again any relationships or financial benefits they may receive from referring you to these individuals must be disclosed. There is nothing wrong with them making referrals and in fact you will often find doing business much easier when you are working with a team. However when it comes to items like home inspections you have to make sure you are getting a true and honest picture. In some cases inspectors are bribed with more future business in exchange for not disclosing all of a property’s defects.

When it comes to selecting a Florida real estate agent to help you sell your home it is also important to know what to look for in a great agent. Unfortunately some Florida real estate companies spend thousands on marketing materials and hours of work every day on trying to convince their clients to lower their asking prices in order to make a quick sale. What they should be doing is helping you to get the maximum possible price for your home by spending that time and money marketing your home and making it stand out from all of the other FL homes for sale on the market. A great agent today is one that is up to date on the latest marketing methods and Internet tools and is not afraid to fight for the price your homes deserves.
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