What is the Real Estate Market Like in SWFL?

The Southwest Florida real estate market is the most opportunistic it has been in a generation, maybe two. Investors and previously priced out buyers are scrambling to purchase affordable entry level housing. Properties from $50K to $5MM are selling or less than half of their previous highs. It appears that much of the market has plateaued and as investors, we are even seeing strong upward price pressure on affordable properties due to demand.

Our market is still volatile and must be navigated carefully with the help of an expert. Not all listings offer a good deal and not all sellers are in true distress and thus may not be willing to deal as much as others.

Location changes as small as a couple of blocks or one side of the street vs. another can have significant financial impacts stemming from assessment balances. We see all too often, investors swooping in from out of town, purchasing several units in a short time then leaving without really getting a feel for the market or the professionals helping to execute their investment plans.
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