What Do I Need To Know About New Construction Properties In SW FL?

There is a lot to consider when deciding whether to buy a resale property or to build a new Southwest Florida real estate property. If you have questions about what you might need to know about new construction, you will find some answers here and you may be  surprised by some of the facts.

The most common question that is usually asked about the differences between building a new construction home and choosing from resale is which is cheaper and offers more value for money?
When you start looking at SW FL. resale homes you will soon discover that there are also plenty of great deals on land lots. In fact, you can purchase land for the same prices that lots were going for in 1985! Most builders have managed to liquidate their inventories of spec homes so if you really have to have something that was never lived in before then building from scratch is the way to go.

The turmoil in the housing market definitely means that on top of inexpensive land you will also find lower cost labor and contractor pricing. However, with prices on the rise on construction materials you may find it much more expensive to build a new home than purchasing something comparable from the FL. houses for sale that are already on the market. Construction financing can be incredibly hard to obtain in some cases as well so unless you are paying all cash you may not be able to afford to build the home you want.

In comparison, there are many resale Southwest Florida. houses available that offer incredible value. In fact, Carney Properties & Investment Group has carved out a reputation for offering fantastic "better than new" Florida houses for sale. Their properties have been recently renovated with high quality materials and a superior level of workmanship better than you will find in many new homes and yet can be bought for 20 to 30% less than it would cost you to build. Buying existing Florida houses for sale also means ease of financing, having the ability to move in right away and begin living the dream instead of having to deal with managing contractors which in many cases could be for months on end.

Choosing existing FL houses for sale over a new construction home also means incorporating in instant equity. If they begin building new homes in Southwest Florida they will have to sell them for much more than you paid for your ‘better than new’ home from the many FL houses for sale that Carney Properties is offering.
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