Tropical Storm Isaac: Local Tenants Were Advised to Stay On Alert

Residents and businesses in SWFL braced themselves as tropical storm Isaac was expected to make landfall last Tuesday and hit areas that were once devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Southwest Florida real estate owners had been advised to prepare and be ready once the storm reached land.  Residents, whether in their own homes or tenants, made all necessary preparations for the coming storm. Though a lot of rain and winds came through, this time SWFL was spared but in the future, if you are a tenant, here are some of the things that they can do when a weather disturbance is expected to hit their rented property.

Review the property’s location and proximity to evacuation centers - One of the things that renters can do when encountering any weather disturbances is to check the location for their home and if the storm or hurricane would be passing near.  Tenants can also check and create escape plans in case the weather gets where they can list the nearest evacuation centers if they need to leave their rented place.

Check for the condition of the unit before the weather disturbance - If the weather permits, try to get some inventory done and check the different parts of house.  Are the windows strong enough to withstand the bad weather?  Are there any leaks in roof that can be immediately fixed before the hurricane makes landfall?  These are just some of the questions that tenants can keep in mind should there be a coming storm.

Making an assessment in the aftermath - One of the things that tenants would need to do after the storm or hurricane have passed is to make an assessment of the damages.  Tenants would need to make sure that their landlords or property managers would have some time of insurance or set up in the contract in case that these natural calamities occur.  Tenants and landlords should work together in getting the place back.

There have also been measures taken of issuing re-entry passes for residents during an evacuation in SWFL.  Especially for tenants, it’s important for them to plan escape routes to the nearest evacuation centers in the area. Renters are also advised to take note the condition of the property that they are leasing or renting before and after the weather disturbance.  Lastly, coordinating with their landlord or property manager in the end is also advisable in case that insurance reports are needed and to get any repairs done on the property.
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