Tips in Buying Fort Myers Homes for Sale

Buying from Fort Myers homes for sale is not a quick process. Before finally deciding on the property, there are things that a buyer should always consider. Especially for first time buyers, they should not be in a rush when selecting from these properties. Here are some tips in purchasing the best Fort Myers homes for sale:

Affordability - This is one of the most important things to take into account. Buyers of Fort Myers homes for sale should know if they could maintain paying the property until the end. When calculating affordability, we should consider: the PITI or principal, property taxes, interest, and homeowner’s insurance. Most people have different bills needed to be paid monthly. These payments should not exceed 8% which will give you the income-to-debit ratio not exceeding 36-38%.

Do not include the tips and bonuses, alimony and child support payments in the calculation. These things are to be reserved for any emergencies and problems that may come up. What if you don’t have a bonus this year or next year? What if you lose your job because of recession? These and other things could happen in the future. Be wise enough to set aside this money for the future.

Personal standpoint - Another thing the buyers should consider when buying a property is their personal standpoint. It is better to choose a property that is convenient in terms of job, schools, hospitals, and etc. These establishments should be nearby for quick access and to save money for transportation. Other things to note are easy access to public transportations, recreational facilities such as parks, entertainment venues, health and fitness services, and many more.

There are also things that every household must have. Buyers should list all the necessary things needed by the family. It should be checked at the time of choosing the best home.

Long-term investment - Staying in a home for two years or more is a wise thing. If a buyer bought a house for $250,000 and the closing costs to buy and sell the property is 7% of the price which is $170,500, then the buyer must sell the said property with a net of $267,500 to avoid loss. After 8 years, the buyer can sell the house without incurring loss if the rate of appreciation is 1%. And if the rate of appreciation is 2%, then the house can be sold after 4 years.

That is why it is important to choose a property to where you can stay for long. Keep the house in good conditions to maximize net gain when you the time of selling the property come.

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