Tenant Seeks Media Help with Mold Issue

Mold can be a very serious problem in homes and apartment buildings. It should not be taken lightly. Some SWFL rentals companies are looking for ways on how to improve handling this growing problem. Recently, the owner of the south Fort Myers apartment complex admitted about having a mold issue in their apartment building.  Audubon Cove management told winknews.com that they've been battling mold in their units for many years.  Now they are looking at solving the said problem.

Residents were ecstatic that the units at Audubon Cove have been under construction.  Although, management of the apartment is no longer accepting calls from winknews.com, they are doing something to fix the problem. Winknews.com aired the story about the residents’ complaints on October 29th of this year.

One of the residents complained to the management about a mold problem inside her apartment. According to the tenant, she was afraid that her children would get sick because of the holes and the mold coming through the paint. According to the news, Kim and her three daughters lived previously in a condemned apartment. It experienced a fire this past May. She and her children then moved to another apartment full of mold.  Even though, the apartment has mold, the management has raised her rent $75 from $625 to $700 a month.

The resident was quoted as saying, "I've been calling them once or twice a week for about four months.  It’s in writing, in their office, my move in paperwork."  She then called WINK News Call for Action to help her with her problem of getting the mold fixed. WINK News agreed to air her story.  After four months of phone calls, e-mails and certified letters, Audubon Cove management finally admitted that there was an issue with her unit.

Genevieve Judge, a WINK News reporter asked Jeffrey Libert, the owner of Audubon Cove's parent company in Massachusetts in an interview, “Is mold an issue at Audubon Cove in Fort Myers?" Libert said, "Yes it is.  It’s an issue and it’s an issue that we're addressing as fast as we can."For a week, the Audubon Cove management put the tenant and her three daughters up in a hotel.  The management of her apartment paid for their room.  Catherine Hulsinger, property manager of Audubon Cove said in an interview when WINK News called for an update, "Due to the negative manner and light to which you betrayed the owners of properties, there will be no further interviews,"
If you are even in a situation like the tenant mentioned in this article, do as she did.

Document the events, keep a paper trail backing up your claims, correspondence with the property manager, phone calls, emails, text, letters etc. Since the tenant had paperwork backing up her claims and took photos of mold in the apartment she was able to get results after going public. Now there are no signs of mold in their apartment and Kim is very happy for the results.
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