SWFL Residents Complain About Bright Lights

Motorists in SW Florida have been complaining stating they are blinded with the sign in Everest Parkway.  Some residents have reported that they can even see the light from their homes.

Mr. Joe Steib, a resident whose home located off the parkway, thinks that it would just be like any other sign on a normal day.  But during the night the lights are blinding like those in Las Vegas. The reason of the complaint is the new sign at the Coralwood Shopping Center.

This shopping complex is located just off Del Prado and just north of the Midpoint Bridge.  It offers prime commercial space with an area of 350,000 square feet. Some of the establishments in the complex are Winn Dixie store, K-Mart Department Store and the Marquee Cinema.

Most motorist can’t figure out the sign is from the commercial center because of the bright lights.  Mr. Steib is not the only resident that is bothered by the lights. Another resident, Mr. Bob Zeller stated that the sign would also illuminate his home’s windows as well as the Everest Water Treatment Plant.

Both parties have presented their concerns to the Transportation Advisory Commission. They advised that this would also be dangerous to other motorist in the area as well as a nuisance at night.

Local councilman Kevin McGrail also agreed that the lights from the sign are difficult for drivers to focus while on the roads. The local official is hoping that the lights will be turned down soon to make it a win-win situation for everyone.  The councilman is trying to get in touch with the sign’s maker to request for a dimmer light.  They’ve tried to contact the property managers for the shopping center as well but he has also received no response from either party.

This “lighthouse” has become quite a concern and Mr. McGrail hopes that they will be able to provide a solution to this problem sometime soon. Residents are hoping that this is taken care of without them having to take actions into their own hands.
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