SWFL Airport to Get Connector to Interstate-75

This fall, traffic to the Southwest Florida International Airport is expected to be uncongested once the connector to airport is built.  This project has an estimated cost in the amount of $54.1 million that will provide the following traffic alternative routes to motorists and visitors alike:
  • Additional northbound and southbound lanes that is exclusive to the airport and is situated at the Alico and Daniel Parkway interchanges.
  • Pass over Treeline Avenue and Ben Hill Griffin Parkway
  • Direct traffic to the airport’s Terminal Access Road which is also its main entrance 
This projected is expected to be completed by spring of 2015.  It is also expected that commuters and travelers would not be affected with construction of this project until it reaches its latter stages.  This was based on the statement made by the spokesperson of the Florida Department of Transportation, Ms. Debbie Tower.

Mr. Bob Ball, the executive director for the Lee County Port Authority, is pleased with the project as the direct access to the international airport would be very convenient to travelers and commuters.  With the projects for the interstate connector and other projects for the airport, Mr. Ball hopes that this would also generate at least 1,000 jobs in the coming months.

The plans for this project was conceived 20 years back when I-75 was no more than just a parking lot and connecting Sarasota to Naples.

Over the years with additions made to the interstate, has helped ease the traffic and congestions in the area especially during the morning and evening rush hour at different seasons.

Though some expect the connector to be beneficial to traffic and employment market, other business owners located near the interstate are not as pleased. Mr. Marc York, one of the business owners who operates Denny’s off Daniels is concerned that this might take away some of his customers.

However, some companies are more receptive to the project.  Mr. Fred Hirschovits, CEO of the company that manages the Holiday Inn located near Alico exit is more accepting of the news. He thinks that travelers would be looking for a hotel that is nearby and would prove to be convenient for local residents.

Ms. Tower also adds that travelers would also want the convenience such as refueling their rental cars or having a meal or even some retail shopping.  These conveniences are very much accessible to travelers especially at the Alico and Daniels exits.
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