Southwest Florida Home Prices on the Rise

Last Year’s Stats

Sources indicate that prices Southwest Florida Real Estate, specifically for the Sarasota to Manatee region grew 9.2 percent this March, compared to last year.

Nationwide and statewide comparison: with distressed sales

The prices already factors in distressed sales, which didn’t see much growth as it only rose 10.5 percent less than the national average gain, but it took the top spot in the whole state with its 8 percent increase.

Nationwide and statewide comparison: distressed sales excluded

If distressed sales are not included, prices jumped 10.1 percent for single-family homes in the Sarasota, Bradenton and North Port area, when compared to last year. While it didn’t match up from the 10.7 percent increase for the whole nation, it kept pace with Florida’s own rate.

Regional Home prices

Home prices in the region increased as high as 1 percent from February to March.

Home buying prospect looks good

This has been the largest nationwide increase since March 2006, and it represents the 13th uptrend in home prices.
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