Save Big Buying Properties Through Court Auctions, Without The Risk!

If you having been looking for houses for sale in Florida you will probably find that the best priced deals are found at court foreclosure auctions.

When owners default on their mortgage, eventually bank follow through with foreclosure proceedings. These houses for sale in Florida are first offered to the public at auction. Here buyers will find the biggest discounts that normally far exceed what can be had when buying through short sales or from banks as REO (real estate owned) properties.

Although there are great rewards from buying at court auction, there also comes more risk if you are not experienced. Buying Southwest Florida real estate properties at auction is a cash deal, meaning there are no refunds.

While FL real estate auctions often offer some of the best real estate deals in the world, if you do not know the area and the specific homes that are being sold you could just get stuck with something you can never turn around and sell. There can be many title issues involved as has recently been highlighted in news headlines, but that isn't all you need to watch out for. You need to be familiar with the local law and tenant occupancy protections so that you are not stuck with someone in the property who is not paying their way once you take over a property. Others have found that there are major property defects after they have purchased houses for sale at Florida auctions, including Chinese drywall.

It is not about being smart. Even those with PhD's have found what they thought was a great deal on a luxury condo for $30,000  come to find it was worthless. Profiting from real estate auctions is about experience and due diligence. Fortunately, just because you don’t live in SW FL or you haven’t had much practice at bidding on houses for sale at Florida auctions doesn't mean that you can’t take advantage of the great deals to be had on your next home or investment property.

Carney Properties & Investment Group is SW Florida’s largest buyer of court auctioned homes and has been doing it for over 12 years. They are now opening up the doors and have started offering the opportunity for cash buyers who want to take advantage of these great deals in Florida to partner up with them. Carney Properties will take care of physical inspections for you and handle the title insurance. With such an in depth knowledge of the local SW FL area, they are uniquely positioned to provide their partners with the utmost in guidance and for buying at court auction than anyone else in the SW FL area.
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