President Obama’s Fort Myers Campaign Stop Shortened

President Obama’s scheduled campaign event at Fort Myers on July 20th was shortened due to the shooting tragedy in Aurora, CO. that left 12 dead and 58 more injured.  His stop turned into a somber moment as he gave the short speech and instead of rallying support for his reelection campaign, Obama took the stage early to set the day aside for prayer and reflection, saying “there are other days for politics.”

While the shortened visit disappointed many of those who were looking forward to the President’s plans for Fort Myers, a place he last visited three years ago promising major changes to a city badly affected by the mortgage crisis, the majority understood that the tragic event in Colorado must take precedence over his campaign efforts. In fact, he was applauded for quickly shifting his priorities in response to the tragedy.

The president was supposed to comment on the city’s growing number of distressed properties since last year as more and more foreclosure signs have been put up for distressed properties in Fort Myers. President Obama is still committed as ever to the promise that he made to the residents and public of Fort Myers three and a half years ago and that is to “put people back to work.”

Back then, the president appeared with then Governor Charlie Crist, who was part of the Republican coalition. Yet despite being from different parties, the president conveyed a message of hope to the people of Fort Myers in finding bi-partisan solutions to the problems that the city encountered on his first visit.

Although, the president still had the same agenda now as he did three and a half years ago on his first visit, his solutions to bringing the city back on its feet were met with opposition from southwest Florida congressman Connie Mack and even Governor Rick Scott. Both did not agree to the proposed solutions that President Obama laid out on helping this part of Florida in recovering from the economic crisis. Governor Scott has turned down offers of transportation projects and expansion of the Medicaid expansion worth millions of federal dollars because of the negative impact this might have on the city.

Obama’s visit to Fort Myers was supposed to be a 2-day stop through Florida. He was previously in Jacksonville and West Palm Beach last Thursday. His scheduled visit to Orlando has been canceled.
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