Plans for Development Projects to Change the Face of Lehigh Acres

Real estate in Lehigh Acres is making an effort to change its face by completing its street. According to the report of, at 96 square miles and more than 120,000 lots, Lehigh Acres is under pressure to make the conversion from platted-land suburb to stand-alone and sustainable community.

One of the problems Lehigh Acres is facing is the need for the infrastructure required to advance into a full-fledged community. This would include directing growth and creating more urban activity centers in the area. Lehigh Acres property management experts believe that developments in the area would benefit the community greatly because it would provide more jobs in the future. At the same time residents will get more from their community by building recreation and activity centers.

Plans for these activity centers include creation of multi-use designs integrating commercial and residential, re-routing traffic flow. This new traffic is specially designed to invite both businesses and pedestrians.

The street project would make buildings closer to the street and create a sense of intimacy. Moreover, with the on-street parking, enforcers can better handle quantity and avoid traffic problems. The project will also dedicate sidewalks, bike lanes and public spaces that are beneficial to the pedestrian. People living over the commercial areas can choose to ride a bike which is very healthy. The plan would also ensure a street-level activity after business hours and on weekends.
Planner Shellie Johnson said in a statement, “Mixed-use development focuses community at the street level, where businesses thrive, people interact with one another and gathering spaces become the heart of the community.” Johnson added, “Complete streets form the basis for being able to achieve this mix of economy, community and environment.”


Although, these plans would take years to take into effect, it will make Lehigh Acres a good community to live in and to create business. The activity centers in the area would certainly attract investors and could result to jobs. Furthermore, implementing other planning corrections would promote complete streets and a sustainable community that homebuyers consider in their decisions.

Johnson also mentioned that the planning and design study that is currently under way will provide the county with a master plan of infrastructure needed to support the redevelopment effort. Johnson believes that it is very important to plan ahead. Once the project is completed, Lehigh Acres will certainly be able to determine phases of redevelopment that can be implemented as the budget allows.
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