Pests and Raw Sewage Effect Concerned Cape Coral Residents

An apartment complex in Fort Myers is under fire as residents have found rats and sewage in the premises.  Ms. Geraldine Pisciotta, a resident at the Harbor Palms apartment complex is concerned for her health as well as her son’s.  Sometimes, she would hear mice get caught on the glue traps that are set in her unit. She can hear the screeching sound of these pests trying to get free.

With this report, the Fort Myers Code Enforcement visited the apartment complex last week to check this resident’s complaint and other concerns that deal with the sanitation of the place.  The officer on the scene, Maria Morales, is also ensuring that the community would not be further polluted with the hundreds of gallons of sewage that spilled and were not disposed of property in the complex.

The Code Enforcement Division of Fort Myers is there to ensure that all residents are protected and provided with safe and healthy welfare.  This would include property owners, residents, businesses and visitors in Cape Coral. The board has worked with the city government to ensure that all who are living and working in the city would have living standards that are high and beneficial to everyone.

A Cape Coral resident, Mr. Jonathan Woolley, complained about the smell of the sewage that spilled in the area.  When he walks by, he can smell the urine in the apartment complex and the smell gets worse as he passes by.  This neglect by the management of the apartment complex has resulted into the $500 citation to the property’s management by Officer Morales.

The apartment’s management had taken the steps in the clean-up. Now, the raw sewage is already cleaned up and no traces are found, but there is still evidence of mice in the complex. Ms. Pisciotta would still like the property managers of the complex to take further action in completely getting rid of these pests.

There was also an attempt to reach the property managers for the Harbor Palms but no one could be reached for comment.  Yet an individual by the name of Joe identified himself as the caretaker of the place.  He reported the sewers would get clogged up and the mice where being worked by a pest control company.  The caretaker also indicated that the tenants are complaining so that rent would not have to be paid.

This incident has forced to Code Enforcement Division to file a case in December and fines that would total to $5000.
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