No Markup on Repairs

You should never have to pay for your Cape Coral Rental Management company to schedule and oversee repairs on your property. Unlike many firms in SWFL rentals management, SWFL Rental Network does not charge any markup on repair items. Nor do we charge any per call fees to tenants, which we believe discourage maintenance on the unit leading to more costly damages down the line. This is a very important factor to ask about when choosing a Cape Coral Rental Management company in Cape Coral, Ft. Myers, Lehigh Acres, Estero or Bonita Springs.
You should also benefit from any economies of scale the management company might get on bulk materials or special service pricing. That's why we've leveraged our relationship with Carney Properties & Investment Group, the area's largest real estate investor and Carney Quality Construction, the area's largest renovator to provide HUGE discounts on materials and labor for repair items on all SWFL Rental Network managed properties. All work is performed by licensed contractors and there are NEVER any kickbacks for services.

You pay us once a month... that's enough and it should be for any company!
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