New Website Creates Safer Neighborhoods

If you will drive through the north end of Cape Coral, you will notice that here are vacant homes because of foreclosures and it can become worrisome especially for the next door neighbors because these abandoned homes can attract looters.

A new website known as Nextdoor would like to take away fear in communities through the use of technology.  In just a couple of mouse clicks, you can know the people living in your neighborhood and even interact with them virtually. You can update each other if there are any suspicious individuals roaming around the neighborhood. In Cape Coral, there are about six neighborhoods that are already using the website and in the state of Florida there are more than 250.

To begin using the website, just draw the boundaries of the neighborhood desired. Once a neighborhood is created, those who are interested to join must first prove that they actually live within the boundaries. They can prove this by confirming through mail or email. Then they can post as much or as little information about yourself online.

The goal of the website is to bring sense of community back. Residents can use the website to improve SWFL rentals management and improve the safety of the community. Connected neighborhoods can use it to organize a garage sale or to find available nannies or pets that are missing. It is like a Facebook, but it is made especially for neighbors.
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