Local Real Estate Markets Heat Up With Investors

According to a survey conducted by Move, Inc. the management company that oversees Realtor.com, stated that investors will be more active in their local real estate markets then typical home buyers by three to one over the next 24 months.

This is not a shock to us, given typically investors are on the pulse of what is happening with their local markets, and the savvy investor knows when the right time to buy is. Many first time home buyers may still be waiting for prices to continue to fall, or have not been shown all the options they have at their fingertips right now as far as loan programs that can help get them into a home, so in the mean time investors are taking every possible advantage they can get to buy up as many properties as they can now.

This article, posted by FloridaRealtors.org also talks about how the stereo typical investor has changed from years past. It's an interesting article, and good enough that we thought our readers would be interested too! Have a look and tell us what you think! Local Real Estate Markets Heat Up With Investors.
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