Lehigh Acres Real Estate: Tips on Maximizing Your Home’s Appraised Value

Getting a home appraisal as an independent opinion of your home’s appraised value should be performed by an expert and licensed home appraiser. Before selling a house, appraisals are checked as a part of the traditional buying process. Lenders also require buyers a house appraisal value for most refinances, too.

Licensed appraisers use the methodology called “Sales Comparison” which is among the most common method used by lenders. They derive a base for your home’s appraised value based on the recent Lehigh Acres real estate prices that can be compared to yours in terms of number bathrooms, bedrooms, style, and square footage. 

The appraisers account for amenities and features that can add value to the home and then they apply the “adjustments” based on that value.

As a Lehigh Acres real estate homeowner, you can’t affect the selling price of your home’s comparable properties; but what you can do, is help your appraiser understand how your house stands out from these other properties. With this, it can affect your home’s adjustments that can affect a higher appraised value for your home.

With your home’s appraised value, every penny matters.  With this in mind, here are couple of tips how to maximize it:
  • Present a tidy house.A tidy house can contribute to a higher “overall condition” adjustment.
  • If have new installations in the house such as flooring, HVAC, roofing, plumbing, or even windows since you’ve purchased, inform the appraiser.
  • If there’s a need, make minor fixes in your house before the appraisal (example: running toilet, peeling paint, or leaky sink).
  • Appraisers don’t credit unfinished projects, so don’t mention projects or repairs that you are “going to undertake”.
  • Be at home for the appraisal so you can answer to the appraiser’s questions.
  • Schedule the appraisal for a time that is convenient for the entire household. The appraisers needs to measure, see, and take pictures of every room inside the house. If a room’s door is closed, the appraiser might need to schedule another appointment to complete the appraisal; this can lead to a higher appraisal fee.

Knowing what is your home’s appraised value is important. If you are selling a home you want to make sure that that you price your property according to the recent home sales in the area. As a seller jumping into the Lehigh Acres real estate market, you also want to make sure that you are comparing the values of the property of the same type of home in your area. An accurate home appraised value is important to price your home properly.

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