Lehigh Acres’ Majestic Golf Club Under Renovation

Golf is a precision club and ball sport. It originated in Scotland around the 15th century. However, according to the National Golf Foundation, the number of people in America who play golf has decreased from 6.9 million in 2000 to 4.6 million in 2005. Since it is an expensive sport, many people are not interested to play gold. There are golf courses around the world that chose to close because of low profits.

Good news for golf lovers at Lehigh Acres, the Majestic Golf Club is currently in the process of long-sought-after improvements. According to Jere Carrick who manages the said golf club, more than a year ago, Ohio-based Majestic Golf Clubs LLC was looking to put the golf course on the market and leave the area because it was an expensive business to maintain. However, after seeing improvements in the business, the management changed their minds and decided to improve the 165-acre, 18-hole property instead. Carrick believe that the economic future for Lehigh, Florida is happening sooner than people expected because the population is increasing and businesses in the locality are picking up.

The improvement program is expected to complete in three years and would mean an estimate of $500,000 worth of investment to replace the greens, tees and to upgrade the general maintenance of the facility. In addition, there are four new employees that will join the company. Hopefully, all the hard work and money spent will be paid off as the economy continues to improve.

Furthermore, there are other players in the Lehigh Acres property management of the golf course, Glenn Zakany, a local turf consultant, joined as a new partner in the LLC. Back in the late 1990s, he started his own company known as G to Z Turf. The company specializes in turf products and is a partner in Southeast Turf Partners Inc.
Residents of Lehigh Acres can’t wait to see the project come into completion. They think that the golf course has never been better and it makes play time more fun and enjoyable. The transformation would definitely make the golf course more competitive. Soon it can be compared to the top golf playing areas in the country.

The next time you visit Florida; do drop by the beautiful Majestic Golf Club. Its medium-length golf course plays quite long from the back tees. Aside from playing golf, the course also has a pool and fitness facility.
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