John Carney – Founder and President

With John Carney’s leadership, Carney Properties and Investment Group has survived and thrived through housing market periods of both boom and bust; not a simple feat considering the challenges the Southwest Florida real estate market has faced in recent years.

But even as a teenager, John Carney was driven to succeed. His career in business began at the age of 15 at a Publix supermarket in his adopted hometown, Cape Coral, FL. Just a couple months after his 21st birthday, Carney's work ethic and talent for motivating and leading successful teams led him into store management. By age 27, he was a Publix store manager, in charge of more than 250 employees.

When he left retail, he was seeking a new trail to blaze. He found an opportunity to serve the local community as a mediator and salesman who helped people get mortgages and purchase homes. From there, he broke into the foreclosure business, where he personally oversaw the renovation process of homes from the ground up. His hard work, attention to detail and intuition for reading real estate market trends paid off when he founded what would evolve into Carney Properties and Investment Group in 1999.
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