Investment Property Outlook: Is FL Land A Good Buy For 2011?

There is a lot of noise and headlines in the news focusing on foreclosures and low home prices, but purchasing land and lots don’t seem to be getting much attention when it comes to investment property.

So is 2011 a good time to buy land in FL or should you be looking at other types of investment property?

One thing is for sure, as far as prices go Florida land and lots are at incredible lows. In fact, they are as low as they were back in the early 1980s. Have you have ever heard the line ‘they don’t make more of it’? When it comes to FL you can be sure that the demand for land in the Sunshine state will be high for decades to come. This is especially true of Southwest Florida real estate where parcels of land and individual lots can be obtained at ridiculously cheap prices. Whatever price range you are hunting for investment property in, you are sure to find something great in southwest Florida. You will find inexpensive lots around Fort Myers and Leigh High Acres as well as unbelievable deals in Cape Coral on waterfront lots of all sizes.

There is a big rush on by those eager to build up portfolios of investment property through homes that can be rented out year round or used as vacation homes. However, for many buying, Florida lots and land can offer a superior form of investment property. In comparison to rental properties land is extremely low maintenance. Holding costs are almost next to nothing and you certainly will never have to worry about dealing with tenant calls in the middle of the night. You don't have to worry about replacing appliances or air conditioning units and you will not have to be afraid of your investment property being vandalized if vacant or even hurricanes destroying your portfolio.

Land is the perfect investment property choice for those wanting for provide for family and loved ones. It is the best form of property for handing down to children without passing on a financial burden. Who knows, maybe they will even want to build their dream home there. FL lots are also great interim investment properties for those who want to take advantage of the incredible real estate prices right now but do not have the funds to build their dream house yet. You can sit on it and build later while it appreciates. If you buy an over sized parcel you may even be able to subdivide the property and sell part of it to fund your building.

Whatever real estate investment path you choose, Florida land is definitely a great buy for 2011 and beyond.
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