Investment Properties: Building Your Passive Income Portfolio

For those looking for true financial independence and freedom, there are few if any ways that can match the power of building a portfolio of passive income investment properties.

Whatever your magic number is for enabling you to break free from the 9-5 grind you can find it through cash flowing investment property. With home prices and interest rates on mortgages at all time lows, the current housing market offers more attractive opportunities than ever for real estate investors.

Between the discounts on homes and low cost financing it is easy to lock in double the positive cash flow each month than buyers enjoyed a couple of years ago. Even lower end properties can throw off several hundred dollars a month in cash flow which can easily build up to the equivalent of a full time income.

While every area of the country has bargain priced deals on investment property many are finding that SW FL offer the best value and security for rental properties. The demand for rents and quality of investment property available, it makes it easy to turn a profit even as a beginner. Regardless of what type of properties you are most interested in, you will find SW Florida packed with opportunities that you just must have.

LeHigh Acres offers affordable family homes in the $50,000-$150,000 range, while Cape Coral provides a range of investment property choices including many unbelievable deals on waterfront homes. In addition to the resurgence of people retiring and relocating to the area permanently, SW Florida investment property also has the power to draw extremely high seasonal rents from visitors. In many cases you will find that even renting out your property for 6 months will turn significant cash flow, leaving you the choice of enjoying the property yourself for your own vacation off season or renting it out for additional profits.

Remember, as with any type of investment, it is wise to build a balanced portfolio. When it comes to SW Florida investment property this means opting for more properties in lower price ranges than putting all your eggs into one basket. Fortunately thanks to companies like Carney Properties & Investment Group you will discover plenty of choices of properties that have already been recently renovated to better than new condition that offer turnkey passive income solutions, meaning they are tenant ready and in better than new condition so that you can start bringing in profits from day one.
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