How Vacation Homes in Florida Stack Up Against the Rest

There is no doubt that vacation homes in Florida are among the most sought after in the world, but how do they really stack up against the other options out there?

Mexico has always been a popular vacation destination. Plenty of sun, cheap drinks and easy access from the US. However, in addition to the recent horrific violence that has taken over the country there are a few other reasons you may want to choose vacation homes in Florida instead. Southwest Florida is much more convenient to travel to for most of the world and may not only make it more affordable and easier for you to make the most of your home but means that vacation homes in Florida will hold their value better both in terms of rentals and appreciation in the future.

Thailand truly offers some absolutely stunning property choices; there is no question about that. Here you will also find plenty of wild partying and exotic food. However there has been a big threat of foreign buyers losing title to their properties due to government changes and then of course there is the regular threat of coup attempts. While SW FL may not be the most hopping clubland there is plenty to do for those that want to get out and it by far offers a safer destination and more security for those buying holiday and second homes.

Turkey has become an incredibly popular destination for those wanting to escape and have their own place in the sun in recent years. You will find many relatively new homes that are not too expensive and provide mountain and sea views. However do it its proximity to Iran and Iraq and the recent turmoil in the region as well as title issues it is certainly not on the top of the list for many westerners right now. You may just be buying to enjoy it for yourself, but it is still wise to buy somewhere that you at least have a good chance of making a profit later if you decide to sell or are able to sell quickly in case you need your capital back for emergencies.

While vacation homes in Florida may not be the absolute cheapest in the world, they do pack incredible value. You can also be confident that you are making a wise investment, and won’t have to worry about the government trying to take back the title to your property. If you still aren’t convinced visit SW FL for yourself, check out some of the amazing, better than new Southwest Florida real estate properties available and enjoy the laid back lifestyle first hand. You may never want to leave.
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