How to Evict a Tenant - Step by Step Guide

When you first enter a home rental or any property business one of the problems that you would encounter are with tenants, learning how to evict a tenant is important. Having a SWFL rentals team with you is a good start to assist you on the process. Evicting a tenant doesn’t mean that you are a bad landlord; it only means that you care for your own property.

Knowing how to evict a tenant is not an easy job; you should be knowledgeable of what you are doing.  If you want to evict a tenant you must have good valid reason to do so, here are some reasons you might need to ponder on as your basis on evicting tenants:
  • The tenant fails to pay his rent.
  • The tenant did not abide to the rules that were agreed upon by both parties upon setting up the terms of the lease agreements.
  • The tenant caused major damage to your property.
  • The tenant posed health or safety problems to people living nearby.

The first thing the landlord or the Lehigh Acres property management team has to consider in evicting a tenant is to determine a valid reason to do so. The reasons must be valid and must be based on rules and agreements which were stated within their lease.

The next thing is by giving him a written notice to quit. By this, you are informing the tenants their situation and at the same time giving them a certain range of time to be able to leave your property. An example is 3 to 30 days, but this will all depend on the landlord-tenant laws. If that specific tenant still owes you rent, you can give them a choice of paying or quitting by giving him a written notice. The said notice entails a specific deadline for his payment or else he may have to face the consequences. The deadline will be based on the area’s laws but the common target is 3 days to 14 days.

Filing for a court hearing is probably the next step you want to take. After doing the previous steps and still was not able to accomplish the task, then now might be the right time to file a lawsuit if the tenant doesn’t respond well on the notice or in other words: if the notice didn’t work. After all, the notice expires and it is after then you can take this step. You must go through a lot of paper works and after that you will take the records to the court. The courthouse can be the one to notify the tenant.

After preparing the needed documents, you are now ready for a court hearing. The tenant receives a court summons and both of you will have a chance to settle it permanently. You must prepare yourself for the hearing and stay tranquil in front of the judge. If you win the trial then you proceed to the final step.

After all the chances you have given the tenant to leave at their own accord, and now you have gone to court and won the court decision, you now can evict them. The tenant must be given a deadline to move out of the house. If the tenant doesn’t move out of the house you can call the police to throw out the tenant and all of his things.

There is no easy way of getting through this alone. That is why Lehigh Acres property management companies play a good role in the whole process. This is just a brief guide in learning the basics; your best choice is to heed the assistance of a professional.
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