How Are You Able To Offer Such Great Deals On?

It is no secret that the recent flood of foreclosures has created a wealth of incredible opportunities for buyers and investors looking for real estate in Southwest Florida. The problem with foreclosures in general across the country is that they are often much harder to purchase than first time home buyers and new real estate investors realize. There is also the insecurity surrounding buying homes that have been taken over by banks due to foreclosure fraud and that fact that many foreclosure homes are in notoriously bad shape.

So how are investment property experts like Carney Properties able to offer such great deals on homes in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, Bonita Springs and the surrounding FL. areas? How can they not only offer homes at extremely low prices but that are in better than new condition?
Real estate professionals at Carney Properties that specialize offering high quality FL houses for sale have become experts at acquiring homes in Cape Coral and the surrounding SW FL area at foreclosure auctions. Having been successful at buying and selling investment properties in the area for over 11 years Carney Properties and Investment Group led by founder John Carney have the expertise and cash on hand to purchase properties at auction far below their value once repaired. With such a great end product that is in such high demand from not only local residents looking for homes but international investors as well who are seeking FL houses,  they are able to renovate homes at incredibly high quality for a fraction of what smaller investors could ever imagine.

The result is stunning, better than new FL houses for sale that are made available to real estate investors and to the public at prices far less than it would cost to build them new. This makes these homes in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs and Lehigh Acres superb choices as FL vacation homes, spectacular new residences and premium investment properties. Buying these homes means individuals and families can lock into perhaps the best investment of their lifetimes in one of the world’s most beautiful places and investors can acquire pristine, turnkey passive income producing properties with plenty of equity.

You could absolutely try to buy even further discounted properties yourself at auctions or from banks and then renovate them yourself. However, this will require lots of cold hard cash both for acquisition and remodeling. This of course means a lot of risk and will the higher costs you have to pay to renovate your properties in Cape Coral area will eat up all of your profits. Why wouldn’t you choose the safest and easiest option by buying newly renovated homes that are in better than new condition, for less money?
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