Home Repair Assistance for Veterans in Lehigh Acres

Mr. Philip Ruggieri, a resident of Lehigh Acres and his family were lucky to receive help in renovating their home.  Builders Care, together with Lee Building Industry Association members and volunteers recently finished renovations on the couple’s home.

The couple is a perfect example of charity doing volunteer work for most of their life.  They have been regularly sharing their time and support for Our Daily Bread, a food pantry also located in the city.

Mr. Ruggieri was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and is also retired from the construction business.  He suffers from chronic lung disease, only having one functioning lung. His wife, Barbara or Bobbie, is a registered nurse and shares her time at the Compassionate Care Clinic that also helps residents.

The couple has extended assistance to other people in need in the past through their contributions to different charities. Yet despite of their volunteer work, the couple has found several damages in their home’s roof and which promoted to mold growth in their house.

These local husband and wife were unable to come up with the funds for the repairs and were also unable to get assistance from financially struggling family members. This was a growing concern on Mr. Ruggieri’s health problems.

The couple still tried to save for the needed repairs on their home and tried to take on small repair tasks that they can personally do. But the damage was far more than they can handle until a neighbor suggested them to seek assistance from Builder’s Care.

Builder’s Care is an organization that provides help together with the assistance from the State Housing Initiative Program under the management of the Lee County Community Development. This non-profit’s main objective is to provide emergency home repairs and constructions for the elderly, persons with disabilities and financially challenged individuals. Some of the assistance provided are renovations for a new roof and woodwork such as new cabinets, dry wall repairs and more.

It also enlists members from the Lee Building Industry Association and tries to get grants and donated building materials for eligible homeowners. The group was able to collect contributions and services that totaled $25,000.  With this project, the organization number of projects has risen to 128 projects.  The total emergency construction services have already totaled to $1.9 million since the organization had started back in 2006.
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