Heated Dispute for Residents and Property Managers of SWFL Luxury Condo

Tensions brewed between residents of a luxury high rise condo in Fort Myers and the building’s property management due to a scheduled maintenance of the building’s water pump system. The Oasis is one of the most prominent luxury condos in downtown Fort Myers. It was scheduled to have some maintenance for the building’s water pipes last June 25th yet most of the residents living in the upper units were not very happy with this predicament as this scheduled repair would also mean having to turn off the A/C units for the duration of the repairs.

There are many residents living in this high rise complex as it has one of the best views this side of Fort Myers. However when the A/C units get turned off in the upper sections of the building, it has made it pretty unbearable for residents living in the upper portions of the building.

One of the residents of the Oasis, Christian Holden, has expressed great concern for this scheduled repair work. Without any A/C in the condo units, residents would just be forced to not go home directly because of the lack of air-conditioning in their respective condos.

Residents of Tower 2 of this luxury high rise have received an unusual memo stating that repairs would be made on the water pump last June 25th from starting from 9 am to 5 pm. During the repair of water pump system, residents were advised to “Keep an adequate supply of bottled water during this time frame” - a statement that has enraged unit owners.

When requested for an interview, Eric Kohorn declined the request to be interviewed in front of the cameras. However, he has released a statement saying that “proactive work is being performed to upgrade the water pump system”.

As for the complaint that residents raised regarding the lack of communication, the manager did make some admission that the communication that was forwarded to residents did not “follow the standardized operating procedures”. Kohorn also reported that the person in charge of sending the communication with tenants has been placed with a new property manager.

With this move, the residents of the Oasis remain hopeful that all upgrades will be duly accomplished once and for all so that the water lines and the lines of communication between residents and management would be completely restored. It is also the residents fervent hope there would be no need to turn off the water or the A/C units in the future.
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