German Visitors Get a Warm Welcome from SWFL Inns

German visitors get a warm welcome from the different board and lodging establishments in Southwest Florida.  The increase in the number of German visitors is giving a boost to the Lee County tourism.

The increase of German nationals visiting the county has been revealed by surveys as well as feedback from hotel owners and other establishments. In the period of 7 months which ended back in July, the visitors from Germany presented a 5% share in the tourism sector in the SWFL.  Back in 2011, the number of visitors was at 2%.

Overall, the increase of visitors from different countries has had a positive effect to the county’s tourism sector.  Revenue is up from bed tax collections to taxes collected from short term lodgings.

Initially, the officials of the Lee County Tourism Council were apprehensive with European visitors due to the weakened European economy but German visitors have shown confidence when it comes to traveling.

The tourism council doesn’t think it’s the weakened European economy that is driving foreign visitors away but the BP oils spills that happened in the past.  Yet, these fears have been laid to rest with the previous month’s record of visitors.

As tourists continue to flock the area, some even extend their stay, which is great news for hotel owners and other establishments.  Local visitors tend to stay over the weekend but German tourists would stay anywhere from 5 to 7 days before moving on to other famous tourist destinations in Florida.

One of the resorts in Fort Myers Beach, the Outrigger, reported an increase in German visitors last month.  The resort management feels that this condition will get even better by improving the connection that the hotel has with different guests.  They rely on advertising and promotions that center on German tourists.

One of the most famous tourist  attractions in Southwest Florida , the Fort Myers Edison & Ford Winter Estates, have recruited a German speaking guide that conducts tours for their German visitors.  There are also German audio kits available when the guide is not available.

German visitors love the seaside appeal of Southwest Florida.  A German couple, Volker Horn and Ilse Schindler stayed for three weeks in Cape Coral recently and stated that they were just enthralled with the area and wished that they had enough funds to buy a home there.

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