Fort Myer’s Shopping Center Welcomes New Tenants

The Bell Tower Shops in Fort Myers has recently announced the opening of two new stores within its retail premises geared for opening this fall. One of the stores is the BrodeurCarvell Fine Apparel. This clothing establishment provides high quality men’s and women’s clothes. The shop will be located in stall number 165 and is expected to open the end of this month.

Another retailer that is expected to also open soon is Rossi. The store specializes in shoes and handbags. It is slated to be opened in mid-November and would open in suite number 231 beside Trini in Private Salon and Spa.
Ms. Valerie Cope, the director for marketing and sponsorship at the Bell Tower Shops is excited with the addition of these merchants to the shopping center. These new shops have just arrived in time upon the opening of their respective establishments at this Fort Myer’s retail center.
The shopping center is promoting its fashionable image and the addition of these tenants to the shopping center is perfect time for the holiday season.

Back in July, there were also three other tenants that started leasing spaces at the Bell Tower Shops. These were Island Living Tommy Bahama Signature Shop, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit and Milazzo’s Oil &Balsamics. Once all five stores are open the shopping center will be 98% occupied.

One of the co-owners of the BrodeurCarvell Fine Apparel, Mr. Rob Carvell, feels like this is a sort of homecoming as he started his career back in 1986. After leaving his job, he and his partner Mr. Brodeur opened their apparel business back in fall of 2003. From its previous location at the Reflections Parkway, it will open its new 4,578 sq. ft. shop at the Bell Tower Shops. Both owners hope that their store would become a destination store and would have to work on the foot traffic of the shopping center.

Another business opening is Rossi’s which focuses on specialty handbags and shoes. Yet the store will offer other services such as shoe repairs, custom –made dresses etc. The store will have various price ranges that will supply not only different style options but also different prices to cater to their customer’s budgets. There have been some delays in the store’s opening but the owner’s assured that this would be nearing completion.
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