Fort Myers Mall Opens Doors for Job Seekers

One of Fort Myer’s malls has opened positions, for both full time and part-time to fill up its needs with coming holidays.  This job fair has been met with much reception.One of the job seekers, Areyale Boston, is hopeful to get a position.  This is not the applicant’s dream job, but anything that would help pay the bills and child expenses.   Other job seekers are hoping to land a job at the mall.  For the job fair, it is expected that the mall would be able to fill 150 positions for sales associates, assistant managers and managers, servers, cooks and crew members of the stall.

There was a 90 minute queue as the first batch of applicants waited for the job fair to start.  For this job fair, the number of hopefuls that turned out exceeded the 300 mark that even organizers were expecting.  Applicants were advised to wear business attire and bring some copies of their resume.

There have been decreases in the unemployment rate for both counties in SWFL in the past few months.  In Lee County, the unemployment rate dropped to 9.5% in August.  Collier County also experienced a slight drop in unemployment rates for the month of August at 9.6%.  Both Lee and Collier Counties were about 2% lower than in the same period last year.

Yet despite the improvement in numbers for both of these counties in SWFL, most residents are still looking for a job.

Most of the applicants come from different educational backgrounds.  Some have earned their university degrees while others are straight out from high school and it’s their first time to get a job.  While applicants have sent their CVs for different positions but most applicants have not receive any response to their job applications.

Most retailers nationwide are ramping up during the holidays but in SWFL, retailers are extending their employment ramp up to accommodate additional tourists and snowbirds that would stretch all the way up to Easter season.

There were many retailers that were present during the job fair and at the same time other representatives from other malls l in SWFL.  Hiring managers are looking for different criteria in hiring an employee. One of the applicants during the job fair was Alatryce O’ Neal. Just out from high school, she feels frustrated that she didn’t land the job.  Most applicants with minimal or no experience have difficulty in landing a job while applicants with various experiences are not so lucky either.
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