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Southwest Florida foreclosures have increased significantly in one of the fastest development real estate markets in the Unites States. This means that in Fort Myers, Florida, you can find properties foreclosed by the banks because their owners were not able to follow the terms in their mortgage payments. When these properties are repossessed by the banks in the course of the foreclosure process, the value of these houses becomes lower giving potential buyers the opportunity to snag them at very high bargain. While Fort Myers foreclosures create a dent in the real estate market, it also gives a golden opportunity for buyers to find the perfect properties at affordable prices by just sifting through these bank owned properties in the available real estate listings.

Fort Myers is one of the cities along with Cape Coral apparently comprising the Cape Coral-Fort Myers Metropolitan Statistical Area. Its metropolitan area has a population of over 600,000 with Fort Myers comprising a little over 60,000 of its populace. With its population not too swelling, dwellers around the Fort Myers area can indeed enjoy a peaceful life amidst the city.

If you are looking at buying properties on foreclosures for the purpose of relocating to the city, then you have indeed found the perfect location especially if you have children in your home. Educational prospects in Fort Myers will not be a problem for you because the Lee Country School District runs well founded schools in various parts of the city. As appropriate to your children’s educational levels, you can also find colleges and universities that boast high educational systems and facilities that will definitely put you at ease and your child’s future in a good place.

In terms of points of interest, Fort Myers also has facilities that cater to the entertainment and recreational needs of its dwellers. Examples to such are the Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium, Edison and Ford Winter Estates, Historic Downtown Fort Myers Art Walk, Historic Downtown Waterfront Entertainment District and many others. As residents of the city it is indeed an opportunity to be in close proximity to these one of a kind attractions.

It is also because of the presence of these attractions that the city of Fort Myers has a booming real estate market. If you buy a brand new property, then you should be ready to spend more dollars than the usual because of the relatively high prices of its homes. This is not to say that affordable homes are not available. There are also budget friendly ones that are available in the varied real estate listings. However, it is through Fort Myers foreclosures listings that you can truly find great bargains in terms of real estate this side of Florida.
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